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At Mitcham Primary School we are committed to helping students reach their full potential and flourish throughout life. We know that a positive school culture helps to engage students and support them in their development. We acknowledge that student wellbeing and learning are closely linked, which is why we provide a rich wellbeing program at our school. Student wellbeing is promoted throughout all learning experiences by providing an environment and curriculum that supports students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to manage their own health and wellbeing, and to support that of others.

Our approach to wellbeing follows a Positive Education psychology approach. Positive Education psychology focuses on specific skills that we want all our students and staff to learn, live and embed: positive relationships, positive purpose, emotional literacy, resilience, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. We focus on developing these important elements of wellbeing for students, staff and our community.

At Mitcham Primary School we are committed to helping students reach their full potential and flourish throughout life. 

The Resilience Project

As part of our wellbeing program at Mitcham Primary School we engage with The Resilience Project. The Resilience Project  delivers engaging lessons to students, providing practical and evidence-based mental health strategies. 

Teachers at Mitcham follow The Resilience Project curriculum which focuses on four key strategies:

Gratitude - The act of being thankful and appreciating what you have in life.​

Empathy (Kindness) - The capacity to understand and feel what another person is feeling.


Mindfulness - The practice of attention regulation.


Emotional Literacy - The ability to understand and express our feelings.


To hear stories about resilience, and be introduced to how Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness can support learning and development, see the link below to the Resilience Project's Parent & Carer Hub. 


Mitcham Mates

At Mitcham Primary School we have a whole-school buddy program to promote student wellbeing, engagement and connection - ‘Mitcham Mates’. Students participate in multi-age ‘Mitcham Mates’ Groups. Groups are led by two staff members and student leaders. Each ‘Mitcham Mates’ session serves to develop relationships and builds a sense of belonging for our students. Students remain in their groups for their time at Mitcham Primary School. ‘Mitcham Mates’ groups engage in a range of activities, which draw on the school values of: Respect, Resilience, Kindness and Love of Learning.

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