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The Menagerie

By Tui T. Sutherland & Kari Sutherland

What’s it about?:


Hidden in the small town in Xanadu, Wyoming, there is a top secret menagerie filled with mythical creatures such as... Well, you have to find out! For centuries the Kahn family have kept it secret, BUT now 6 griffin cubs have escaped! What if someone finds out; what if the menagerie shuts down…


Why do you think it’s great?


Since I LOVE the Wings of Fire series [also written by Tui T Suthland], I thought other fantasy lovers will love this too! Including me!

Review By: Azeen 5/6 A

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

By Jeff Kinney

What’s it about?:


The book is about a boy called Gregory ( Greg for short ) and his best friend Rowley Jefferson trying to ask girls out since the Valentine's Day Dance is coming up.


Why do you think it’s great?


It's a classic! It has great humour and always lightens up the mood. What can I say, it is a Brilliant book!

Review By: Shirley 3/4 C

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

By J.K Rowling

What’s it about?:


Sirius Black escaped from the wizarding jail, Azkaban, and Dementors roam the school of Hogwarts. What is Sirius's big secret? Who betrayed the Potters? Will he get caught?


Why do you think it’s great?


The book was one of my favourites and it was sad, happy, and had a lot of things that led you into suspense.

Review By: Ren 3/4 B

The School for Good and Evil

By Soman Chainani

What’s it about?:


Two girls named Sophie and Agatha get kidnapped in the dead of night, and are dropped into two different schools: One for good, one for evil.


Why do you think it’s great?


It's  very interesting and I find it inspiring. I also like that female equality is represented very strongly in this book.

Review By: Hue 5/6 D

Wings of Fire: Escaping Peril

By Tui T Sutherland

What’s it about?:


Burn, Blister And Blaze all want the Sandwing throne. Blaze is nice, Blister is evil and Burn is cunning, So who is the queen? Well read this book.


Why do you think it’s great?


It's a great book! Characters are cunning, and parts of the story make me hopeful.

Review By: Max 1-3 A

Clementine Rose

By Jacqueline Harvey

What’s it about?:


This is a series about a little girl who goes on many fun adventures. But, she wasn't born the ‘normal’ way, at a hospital, she came from a van in a box of dinner rolls!


Why do you think it’s great?


I enjoy Clementine’s character, she is a very kind girl and there are many surprises in her life!

Review By: Lily 3/4 A

Bad Dad

By David Walliams

What’s it about?:


This book is about a dad that does a bad thing...


Why do you think it’s great?


I liked Bad Dad because it has lots of funny bits. I also like the illustrations. 

Review By: Claire 3/4 A

Wormwood Mire

By Judith Rossell

What’s it about?:


A monster is roaming about in Wormwood Mire (mire is very boggy land) and creatures are being taken. Boggart Wood is  haunted (so they say) and the dark shadow has taken sheep, bones and all. Not a trace left. When Jem goes missing (Jem is one of Stella friends) Stella must be brave if she is to find out who, or what it really is.  


Why do you think it’s great?

It's just amazing. It's well written and the illustrations are really cool. This is the second book in the Stella Montgomery Series, so I'll try not to give too much away. 

Review By: Anaelle 3-6 B

Mary Poppins

By P.L. Travers

What’s it about?:


Mary Poppins is a nanny who teaches naughty children, and takes them on adventures. 


Why do you think it’s great?


It's a good fit book for me, and it comes in a whole collection!

Review By: Emsley 1/2 A

Funny Kid: Peeking Duck

By Matt Stanton

What’s it about?:


A family road trip to hell, a dares competition, the Tower of Dying Deathly Doom and a dancing motorcycle gang called the Fat Skulls are just some of the things that are in store for Max and his friends in this brand new    adventure!


Why do you think it’s great?


It’s just literally the King of Comedy. That is just ALL I can say about it!

Review By: Azeen 5/6 C

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