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About Us

Mitcham Primary School has been established since 1888 and relocated to its present site on Mitcham Road, Mitcham in 1930.  The school’s tradition of educational excellence is complemented by attractively presented treed surroundings on an extensive site in Melbourne's outer eastern suburb of Mitcham.  Currently the school has a population of approximately 500 students who proudly wear the traditional colours of green and white. 

Mitcham Primary School strives for excellence.  It is a place where all students learn in a stimulating, happy and positive environment.  The staff is a professional, supportive team noted for its dedication, caring attitudes and the delivery of quality programs.  Our students are encouraged, through the school’s Behaviour Education Program, to develop self-regulation and become responsible members of the school community.  The school encourages a strong partnership between staff and parents. 

Mitcham Primary School promotes the development of active thinkers with communication and technology skills for the future. 

We strive to

  • Encourage children to become life-long learners who see learning as fun and critical to their development


  • Foster the natural curiosity of children by encouraging inquiry and independence


  • Develop critical and analytical thinking through problem solving and decision-making activities


  • Enhance creativity through open ended activities involving the manipulation of materials and ideas


  • Develop student leadership and team skills by encouraging tolerance, respect and co-operation in a multi-cultural context


  • Achieve high standards in all learning areas


  • Prepare students to make a positive contribution as thinking participants in citizenship of Australia


  • Prepare children to be resilient in embracing ongoing change.

Our Mission

Our Aim

We will seek student growth and development by:

  • Providing innovative and challenging teaching


  • Catering for different learning styles


  • Individualisation of learning programs through a broad-based stimulating curriculum


  • Encouraging success in a positive environment


  • Fostering the acquisition, integration and development of higher order skills in all learning areas


  • Developing students in the intellectual, physical, ethical and emotional domains


  • Giving every child a sense of self-belief and confidence

  • Providing the best possible access to learning technologies in the school programs

Our Strategic Plan

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