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Principal’s Welcome


Welcome to Mitcham Primary School’s web site.

The staff and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you and your family to Mitcham Primary School. We encourage all parents to play an active role in their children's schooling.

We have 398 students enrolled this year, with 17 classes from Prep to Grade 6 in 2016.  We have a very strong emphasis on a wide variety of excellent specialist and Intervention programs including Visual Arts, Music, Library, Physical Education, Languages Other Than English (Indonesian), and a literacy intervention program called MiniLit, Maths and language intervention and English as an Additional Language.

We achieve excellent student results and student achievement is one of two key drivers of the school.  All our children are encouraged to do their best and we work to ensure that children fulfil their potential in partnership with parents.

We have many programs and processes which benefit the children here at Mitcham.  We introduced Individual Learning Plans for every child in the school in 1999.  These plans are heavily influenced by the children and we encourage the children to take responsibility for their own learning.  The plans are confirmed at a three-way conference, led by the student with parents, teachers and child all playing a role in determining learning goals.  The children are taught how to set goals, a critical part of the process.  Every child in Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 has an UltraMobile PC (UMPC), a tool used to assist in the individualised learning programs we run in the school.  We are moving to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD ) program following a School Council decision in 2015.  The school has high end technology for the use and development of the children, including Interactive Whiteboards, full sound system and data projectors in each classroom.  A new classroom block was completed in September 2011 and has been equipped with the latest A1 DES Touch Screen technology.  All other classrooms gained access to this technology during 2012/2013. 

We have a comprehensive Robotics program, with excellent resources in the school to support this initiative.  All classrooms have two Flip cameras which are pivotal in our MOSCAR film competition and our school has access to the wonderful Espresso video programs, which we piloted in Australia.  Every child in Grade 1 and Grade 2 has an iPad, which we commenced trialling in 2010.  Parents are encouraged to contribute the cost of the iPad giving the child access to the tablet in and out of school time.  School owned machines remain at school. 

The school runs a number of excellent programs to assist students deal with issues, including the “You Can Do It” program, introduced in 2001 and “Bounce Back”, introduced in 2007.  We encourage children to speak confidently in public and train children to mediate in disputes with our Peer Mentor program.  All our Grade 6 students are taught the skills of mediation so they can be effective in dispute resolution.  We have exceptionally successful buddy programs operating across the school, and place a high emphasis on Physical Education and Sport.  Tennis lessons are available on site and we have two Plexi-Pave tennis courts for school use.

The school commenced a unique Learning and Teaching initiative in 2004 offering parents a choice of Montessori education.  We now have six Montessori classes which are open to children who have completed Cycle 1 education at a Montessori preschool.  Interested parents are invited to contact the school office for details.  There is a waiting list for places until 2017.  However, no parent wanting a place for their child in this program has been turned away.

We value the Performing Arts at Mitcham Primary School, and have a specialist Music program for all grades. Instrumental music teaching is available through four visiting Music teachers in piano, keyboard, flute, guitar, clarinet, trumpet, percussion and violin.  Our Performing Arts Centre is an amazing facility for our school school and we have appointed a Performing Arts teacher to give our children new and exciting opportunities.  We use it so often it is hard to imagine what the school was like before we built it.

We strongly encourage parental involvement in our school.  This can take many forms: classroom helpers, School Council membership, Council sub-committee membership, fundraising, finance, promotion, and library assistance, to name a few.  We run training sessions for parents wishing to assist in classrooms.

At Mitcham Primary School, we place a very high value on and appreciate parents’ input and encourage parents to take on the roles noted above.  We believe in open communication between parents and teaching staff and we do our best to prepare children for change and to expose them to the challenges of 21st Century living.  We are proud of the work that we do and we have a warm, inviting and respectful atmosphere in every classroom.  

We have completed another building project in 2013: we replaced the roof structure over the main corridor (Rooms One to Seven).  We have built a conference room, enlarged the staff room, built a new staff kitchen and a staff fitness amenity.  Most exciting of all, however, is the construction of a media studio (Web, TV and radio broadcast) for the children.  We have also built an outdoor Chess Centre.

If you would like to look through the school, as a prospective parent, please phone the office for an appointment on 9873 1551  Formal tours of the school are conducted every second Friday in Term 2 and Term 3.  Appointments for these can be booked through the office.

Ian Sloane